The Tempe Farmer Art District is the latest innovation from the local community to re-invigorate an often over looked area. Over the years we have experienced a vibrant revitalization in Downtown Tempe with new artist condos and lofts. Many of these new workers in Tempe bring important skill sets for Tempe and its very bright future. So without further ado, why not take a risk on Farmer Ave and make some art happen!

Attracting businesses and people is what we do best in Tempe and as you can tell, the Farmer Ave project is one of success! We know you are getting excited so why not come down and explore the area. Looking to buy property? We have great condos for families and trust us, you will want to be right where the art is happening! Just like Downtown Phoenix, the art and real estate community working hand in hand has created a livable area in one of the unique parts of Phoenix.